Home Deep Cleaning

Home Deep Cleaning

  • Dusting and Cleaning of fans, lights, windows, railings, cabinets & switchboards using soft broom & feather duster.
  • Dry vacuuming of upholstery (Not wet cleaning/shampooing) & unreachable corners.
  • Cleaning of doors, cupboards, handles, wardrobe exterior & scrubbing of balconies, tiles & granite shelves.
  • Scrubbing of marble / wooden floors using suitable machinery & complete sanitization of house using biodegradable chemicals.
  • Kitchen cleaning includes cleaning of cabinets & appliance exteriors, cleaning of lights & fixtures / removal of greases & other stains and hand scrubbing of floor, shelves using bio-degradable chemicals.
  • Bathroom cleaning includes of bathroom fittings, mirrors, windows, doors, exhaust fan / hand scrubbing of tiles for stain removal / cleaning of floor, WC seats & washbasin using biodegradable cleaning agents.
  • Deep cleaning of Living Room and Bedrooms includes floors, windows, furniture, appliances (externally) and sofa/carpet/curtains vacuuming.
  • Deep cleaning of Balcony includes floor, grill work and windows.
  • We also provide cleaning services for offices and prices for those will be charged at Rs. 8/- per sq. ft.

Our Promise

  • Background checked and trained cleaners.
  • Complete disinfection and cleaning of house.
  • Biodegradable chemicals will be used.


  • Utensils will not be washed in kitchen cleaning.
  • For room cleaning the customer has to empty the wardrobes for it to be cleaned internally.
  • For kitchen cleaning, the cabinets and trolleys have to be emptied by the customer.


  • Rs. 1,500 is minimum bill amount.
  • Service charges will be included in the bill. The charges will be as under:
  • 1. Service Tax @ 15%
    2. Agency Charges @ 10%
  • In case the house is bigger than the mentioned size, Rs. 250 for every extra 50 sq. ft. will be levied.
  • After service completion - Bill will be handed over to you. Our payment options are:
  • 1. Cash/Cheque on the spot
    2. NEFT
    3. PayTM